Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to School Party!

I had planned to have my daughter's friends come over this Saturday for a play date and for them to catch up playing and us moms catch up with our lives, well on a whim and I decided to make it a "back to school party" and  decided to this 2 days before!! Originally I was just going to have everyone come over for cookies, cupcakes and some good ole' fun but changed my mind and thought why not do a themed little party?! I had seen Anna and Blue Paperie back to school printables and loved them so I asked Stefanie if I could use them for this little party and away we went with this party! 

Since I didn't have much time I was not at all able to do all the wonderful things that you can do for a themed party, I did what I could in 2 days and thought the end result turned out really cute but best of all was seeing all the little girl's faces light up when they saw the display and treat bag full of goodies! They had a great time and that's what is important and all that matters. I have come to learn that no party will ever be perfect and any hopes or expectations you had for the party, well get ready to always a a plan B, or a back up! All in all, everything was simply cute and I had fun putting this little party together!

This is what I did for "Lauren's back to school party" :)

                                       THE END RESULT! PURE HAPPINESS! :)

I got all the supplies at Target at the dollar bins and the school sale they are having now! 
             The ribbons came from Hobby Lobby!

Thank you Stefanie for letting me use your adorable back to school party collection! They were a big hit!! 

Hope everyone enjoys rest of their weekend! :)

Happy party planning!