Monday, January 16, 2012


THEME DESIGN for boys!

 I decided to come up with a fun contest that really gives me  a GOOD reason to do and design a BOY themed party since I only have little girls! *YAY*

I was originally going to do ONE theme but I got such great ideas when I posted earlier on facebook, that it made me decide to do TWO themed boy parties instead!

I will do a themed design based on a baby boy's 1st birthday and the 2nd themed design will be for boys much older!

So, here's how the contest will work!

YOU tell me what themes you would like me to do for a 1st birthday and as the other fan favorite!

 If I chose your IDEA, I will bring your party to life,  by creating it, staging it and shooting it, and sharing everything here! The BEST part of this whole contest IS: I will then send you EVERYTHING that was used for this theme such as { party decor,  all the ideas and tell you where I found everything {IF items found where TOO BIG, BORROWED or  TOO HEAVY to ship} and even send you the menu} it's a PARTY in a BOX comeplete with all the details that you would need to put the party together! I will take the headache of planning, coming up with ideas, looking for decor and props, and let you enjoy the party when it's your turn to host it! How awesome is that?! it's a PARTY in a BOX comeplete with all the details that you would need to put the party together!

If any one of you is having a 1st birthday or your little one is having a birthday around the corner, give your ideas and hopefully you will WIN this fun contest!

I am excited, are you?! :)

Thank you again for all the wonderful ideas received and I look forward getting some more ideas! Also, please share with everyone and anyone!


*Please comment {HERE} by telling me what {theme} you would like me to do and leave me your {NAME, and EMAIL address}

* Please let me know on my facebook page that you entered the contest as well!

*The contest will run until Friday January 20th and will close at 11pm CST.

* Monday January 23rd, I will announce what themes were the most popular and tell YOU what theme I will design for a 1st birthday and other fan favorite! 

*WINNER{S} will be Notified via {EMAIL} 1st and then I will announce who WON here!

Thank you again so much and I GREATLY appreciate you participating in this contest and for supporting and giving me even more reasons to be creative!



Happy Party Planning!

~ Suzanne


Katherine Galettis said...

Wow this is a great in a box! For a first birthday I think a baby animal theme and skateboard, superhero, motorbike or Mario Bros for an older boy. My boy is 5 and is 100% all boy. These would be his favorite themes. Thanks

Anonymous said...

1st b-day: drummer boy. (Carla engbarth-

Anonymous said...

Older kids- off roading/ four wheelers (Carla engbarth-

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh.....didn't Kate Landers already do this.... please come up with some original ideas...your real talent will show.

Wendy said...

What a neat idea! I wish I had a boy to throw a party for!

Anonymous said...

I will be having a 1st birthday and a 2nd birthday coming up. What I have been thinking of was a sock monkey theme, and also doing a prince theme party. I think a prince theme with white n blue for a baby boy 1st party is sooo sweet.

Carolyn Christian ---

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Lego theme for my son's 3rd birthday party. I wish I can wish this package as we have limited resources here in Dubai.

Raquel Cerrado -

leverson said...

My 8 year old son is so into Monopoly. He is obsessed with playing the board game and on the iPad. I have seen other toy parties for legos and such but never anything for Monopoly. His birthday is coming up in April so I would love it for the big boy theme. My name is Leigh Everson and my email is Thanks for the fun contest.

Anonymous said...

My 2 year old is really into the Bubble Guppies cartoon. So, I was thinking of a way to incorporate that. Underwater, fish, mermaid, learning etc.

My six year old is into farming. John Deere tractors, farming equipment, barns, etc.

My name is Stephaine Ryan and my email is

jessica said...

The Hungry Catapillar By Eric Carle!

Dorangela said...

I would love to do a Curious George Pizza Party, based on the book. I would make it vintage like and use yellows reds and browns. Each child would get a chefs hat apron and tools to roll out their own dough and cut and decorate their own pizza! Ofcourse there would also have to be a lot of banana themed things around! My boys would love it!

Anonymous said...

To pay tribute to my only child, Graham, I have decided on a "Green Eggs and Graham" first birthday brunch. Keeping the Dr. Seuss whimsy in mind, thoughts thus far are festive green, white and orange linens and decor, old fashioned plastic milk bottles for kids beverages (complete with color coordinated straws)and mimosas for the mommy's and daddy's. Mini versions of breakfast items (i.e. stack of pancakes with blueberry served like satay, but with syrup as dipping sauce.) I could use some help pulling it all together for that is certain! Many thanks for the fun opportunity! Amy Stevens

Anonymous said...

I have a little brother who will be turning nine in June and I will be throwing him a party. I know he would love a baseball theme party or Angry Birds theme. I know he would love either one. My name is Valerie. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

i've been trying to come up with something for my little guy who will be 3 in June - with just getting laid off I have been trying to come up w/ something inexpensive - seeing that I really can't afford to rent out a place i was thinking backyard carnival. (Gavin's Mom)

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

What a fun contest! I'd love to see a boot camp army party for a young boy. Randi -

Imene said...

* Theme for my 1st (which is coming up next month!!) is the Yo Gaba Gaba theme because it's so versatile since the main characters have main colors: blue, red, yellow, pin , and green, sooo many ideas in my head to become a reality!

* Theme for a much older boy would be a Star Wars birthday party! Which little boy isn't a Star Wars fan?! :)

My name is Imene, my email address is

MommyS said...

I would love to do baby safari animal party for my little guys first birthday. Little animals in party hats enjoying cake and other treats. It will be so cute. - Stephanie

blanca said...

I would looove to see like a john deere birthday party theme with the bright greens and yellows....or a bubble guppy theme..underwater aquarium colors in greens and blues! Thank u!

Daynene said...

This is actually something i've been thinking about my brothers party is in 2 weeks and have been wanting to do something very special for him. I thought a bowling party would be great. I've seen fun things on line. Looking at all the cost i had decided against it. I even found a really fun bowling cake.
As for a 1st year party, a rocket party would be awesome. There are fun printables on line some free and some pretty cheap to buy. But the rocket/space theme would be really cute! Good luck and keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

My little boys 1st birthday is coming up and I'm thinking a Mr Men party, I was going to pick the five characters which most represent my son i.e. Mr tickle, Mr Noisy, Mr Grumpy, Mr Messy, Mr Happy and use them and their colours throughout. And in a few years when he is older I can't wait to have a Dr Seuss party.

Email -

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

how fun!!
For a 1st birthday (I'm thinking my new nephew turning one in July)..a Mr Man party! Mustaches, Bowties, Argyle, old man caps, etc...

Kathy C said...

My son is a teenager so theming parties without having them appear too kiddyish is challenge. He loves birds - studies them, breeds them, plays with them, is entertained by them. His faves are his 2 cockatiels and his quails. Hmmm - challenged much?? lol

gouldn said...

Here's my ideas...
1st birthday - Converse High Top Sneakers "One Star"! What an adorable graphic a black and white high top sneaker would be... and how many options for treats and eats?!?!
Older boy party - Summer Olympics!
This summer the Olympics will be in London... think of all the sporting events, iconic graphics, medals, with just a splash of the good 'ole red, white, and blue!! The paper products could be so fun and the party activities would keep even the rowdiest of boys busy!

gouldn said...

Sorry... forgot my name and e-mail.
Nicole Gould -

Anonymous said...

Sophia H
My ideas are....

First birthday party idea for a little boy would be radio flyer planes or wagons.

Party theme idea for an older boy would be ... golf or polo... I think little boys wearing cute pattern pants is so cute!

shandra b said...

I was considering doing a Mouska-bunga beach party to go with the mickey mouse clubhouse episode where they have a beach party and sing the mouska-bunga song. With sand and surfboards.

I also was considering a Diego animal learning party with a safari theme and real animal brought by someone who brings animals to partys to teach kids. My son is turing 3

Orange County Wedding & Event Center said...

I have a boy that is it no girl, and it was not easy, so far these are the themes that I have used!

Age One- All Blue baby Blue for a Boy!

Age Two - Classic Spiderman

Age Three- Thomas the Tank theme, Yet I used Edward and James, for my childs name sake. Awesome day! Lots of Red & Blue balloons floating inside the tain, and we rented an old fashion Train Station

Age Four, Dump Truck the cakes was awesome thre lelves and the dump trunk had crushed oreo cookies instead of dirt!

Age Five - A Pirate's Life. Daddy drive him in style witha few friends in the Limo to our destination (Auntie & Uncles house!)

Age Six - Engine's Ready? Race Car theme! Built a Mini Speed way for his Hotwheels

Age Seven - True Carnival Step Right Up!

Age Eight, Total Military, thaks to our local recruiters it was even better, plus my son showcased my Military boots from when I was in the USAF

Age Nine - in the planning,
Mad Science - is on it's way March 6th, 2012...

I have added Jump Bouncers since he is five and this has been a hit!

It is fun to have a BOY!
Blessings to all!


Anonymous said...

FYI: I am so sorry to tell you that I've noticed another vendor taking these ideas and using them. I was so disappointed because the contest isn't over and you haven't had a chance to pick a winner. I hope the printables this vendor is making does not steer you away from the idea. It is really tacky and unsportsmanship to take people's ideas in this manner. I know I've posted this in several locations but, I just wanted you and others to know about it.

That Tea Party Lady said...

Hunting theme for a ten year old. My son went hunting for the first time and shot a real gun for the first time. Soooo we were so surprised when he actually kill a deer 30 min after sitting in the deer stand. He shot an 8 point deer and want an age appropriate 11year old boy hunting party. Carrie Fullerton

Anne said...

LEGO, LEGO, LEGO - such a great colorful, fun theme that can go for many agaes. From the duplo and bricks to also using mini figures. I look forward to seeing all the ideas. Anne

Kouture Designs Kreating Smiles said...

I think a Fun to be 1 party would be great...Just think as if you were a 1year old and how everything around you is so colorful and how you just want to explore everything...So Fun to be One...Would be a great theme...everything colorful

Kinard Kimbrough

Magnetika Party / party designer said...

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Karla said...

I have two good reasons to participate on this contest.
First reason: I'm a fan of your page, love all your parties and ideas! You're very talented!
Second reason: I have a precious little boy, who's turning ONE in a couple of months and would like to make something special and unique for him!
My 1st Birthday boy theme would be about boxes and balloons; Taking ofcourse special precautions cause balloons can be dangerous to babies, BUT they love them!
Boxes, any kind will do cause babies care more about them than what can be inside;)Colors? Would be left to your great critiria!
My theme for older boys would be "pirates" is rough enough for them and there's LOTS of things for decorations and games one can come up with!

Thanks once more for the opportunity to participate, it's so much fun!!
My email:

melissaraineri said...

My son's 1st birthday is the 4th of July. We would love to do an "all American circus" theme with red, white and blue!

Anonymous said...

My son's "1st birthday" is on February 29th. A theme with frogs for the leapyear birthday boy.

Other theme superbowl birthday party.


Not Just A Mommy! said...

What fun! I have 2 boys so I'm always in boy mode! My little one is turning 7 this summer and is currently obsessed with the Geronimo Stilton books, so tackling a mouse theme that isn't too 'cutesy' :)

Not Just A Mommy! said...

Whoops! I forgot the 1st birthday theme, I love Chrissy's Leap Frog idea for the leap year, that would be so cute!

Anonymous said...

My son is turning 1 in March and he just loves the Moose and Zee characters from Nick Jr. I'd love to do a Moose and Zee party however I am having a hard time finding party items for this theme. My name is Stephanie and e-mail is

Gigi Lamboy said...

My nephew/godson will be having his 1st birthday soon and he loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse because of all the bright colors. I have 2 boys a 9 and 11 yr old. They would love a paintball theme or a PlayStation 3 theme. This is a great contest. Good luck to all.
Gigi at

Momofajonmjo said...

I am getting so excited to plan my son's bday party, but I have been so stuck on the theme... I would like to do a baseball theme and incorporate a day at the ball park into it!!!! The kid loves balls!!!!! And His dad and Grandparents are die hard baseball fans! So for a first bday for him i think that it would be an awesome idea!!

Anonymous said...

My son is turning one in April and I would love to do a Beatles One Album party!

And for my almost three year old (his bday is in June!) I was thinking vintage firetrucks. Or spiderman.

ataseff @

Anonymous said...

My grandson is turning 1 in May. My daughter and I are planning a huge ELMO party! He has been in love with ELMO since he came home from hospital at 3 months. Angela (grandmother)

kimberly said...

Please tell me this contest has been extended!!!! I just found out!! Ahhh - what a cool idea! Ok, so my birthday party idea would be for my twin boys who turn One the end of February!! I feel like a twins 1st birthday party is doubly important to rock at :-) I feel like cartoon characters or movies are not appropriate for a first birthday. This is the celebration of a BABY! Why don't you just do a classy blue party with balloons or stars, argyle or stripes - just baby blues and other beautiful shades of deep blues and pale blues and whites and ivory. I have searched all over for just classy, yet still baby and whimsical, ideas but everything I see is overly tacky and involved. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!