Saturday, November 27, 2010

In the Christmas spirit!

Christmas season is here and how fun to be in the spirit of it!! I have been behind writing and letting you in on some great finds and christmas ideas but this past week was just a hectic week with so many things going on., who braved and went out on Black Friday?!?! I think online shopping is much easier and just more convenient when kids are concerned and when you don't want to be out in the cold and battling all the people! So, who is in the holiday spirit to throw a great party after starting their holiday shopping?! If you need some cute holiday printables then look no further than to Paper & Pigtails, they have some sweet and perfect holiday labels for your next holiday party! Need some inspiration on where to find some great finds? Well the sweet and talented Kate Landers, will show you some of her favorite Etsy Hostess gifts found on Chickabug's Blog! Hop on over and get a head start on your party planning! I will be back with some great finds that may be good stocking stuffers as a gift!

Until then,

suzanne olvey