Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hi and welcome to fanciful events!

I am so excited to start this blog! I just recently planned and did my daughter's 3rd birthday party and along the way I met some wonderful and amazing people who helped me come up with incredible ideas and helped me bring some things to life for this party! Since working with these amazing people I decided to start this blog to inspire and make you want to create some magical events of your own! 

I will introduce you to the most incredible people who make party planning so much fun and will inspire you to get creative for your next occasion! If not, for no other reason,  it will make you want to celebrate something because of all the amazing things and people that are out there creating one of a kind parties and occasions to remember! 

So stay tuned and I will start sharing the outstanding talent, ideas, products, and resources that are out there just waiting for you to start your own party planning! 

Until then,

suzanne olvey