Thursday, January 13, 2011

Great Valentine's Day Finds!

I have been checking out Pocas Cosas blog and LOVE all her fun and creative ideas for Valentine's day and decided to share with you her great finds! :)
Adult Chocolate Milk, you ask , well it's simply looks yummy! What do you all think?

It is 40 proof, so to take off the edge they made these tasty looking Milkshakes! This is what was done: blended 2 parts vanilla ice cream to 1 part Adult Chocolate Milk and were then poured into shot glasses and there you have the perfect mini Chocolate milkshake cocktail!!  

Paper Heart Straws that will not make your drinks taste sweet but will make them look really cute from the Sugar Diva! 
Anyone want a yummy treat to go with the milk and straws?? How about this sweet treat!

Strawberry Sandwiches!! Now how good does this look? 

Well, here are a few sweet treats I'd share from Pocas Cosas! Thank you for these great finds Pocas Cosas and I hope you all enjoy these treats!