Thursday, January 6, 2011

Valentine's day thoughts and ideas!

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and so far 2011 has been good to all of you! May this year be a great and prosperous year for everyone!

It's hard to believe that we just got out of the Christmas holiday season and Valentine's day is around the corner! Wow! Time really does fly! Since Valentine's day is not too far away I will start sharing and showing some fun ideas things and cute dress up outfits for your little ones to wear for that sweet day!

I was looking through a Sandra Lee magazine when I stumbled upon these cute silicone cupcake molds!

How cute and fun would these be to make for a Valentine;s day Tea party?!

You can directly find these molds here! 

Want to serve something Jazzy with a little Pop?  Well check out these Jazzy Jewels Pops from Tovolo
   You find these sparkling treats on Amazon and here is the link directly to them here!

Need a little pink with with some pizazz?! Well check these sweet and bubbly champagne glasses! 

These would be perfect for any Valentine's day party! You can find these here! 

These are just a few to start you off and get you thinking about what you would like to do for Valentine's day! I will share other good finds soon! 

If you are thinking of what you can dress your little one in, well let me show you a few ideas that are just too SWEET! to pass up! 
This sweet outfit will make anyone melt when they see your little one dressed up in this!
You can find these cute little number at my good friend Rachel's website Miss Sugar Pops She is very creative and makes the sassiest and sweetest tutus you'll see!! 

I found this other cute outfit that would be super cute for your little one to wear for that sweet day and she will look like a rocking heart star! 
You can find these precious outfit at Everything but the Princess!

NEed something cute for that sweet baby in your life?! Well, how cute is this?!
You can find this precious outfit at Dimples and Dandelions! They have such cute things and decor for your little ones! You will just fall in love with their website and all the many great things they have!

Here is another sweet Valentine's day outfit that you can find there too! How sweet and precious is this?! 

I could go on and on about sharing so many cute outfits to dress up sweet little girls in!! 
I hope these few ideas will get you creative and wanting to celebrate and do something fun for Valentine's day! I will be back to share more ideas and creations for that sweet day!

Until then,


Heather - Chickabug said...

YAY for teacupcakes!! ; )