Friday, November 4, 2011

Royal Princess Party!

We recently did my older daughter Lauren's princess party and it was a Royal Princess affair to remember! We had gone back and forth between a princess and a fairy party and then she finally decided that she wanted a princess party so that's what we did! I didn't want her party to be like every princess party you see, so I had to think of a way to make her party be a royal princess party with a magical feel to it and I think we captured that all right!

I enlisted my sweet friend Kori from Paper & Pigtails to help me design the invitation and printables. She is actually the one that gave me the color scheme to work with and it turned out that Lauren wanted those exact colors as well so we went with light pinks, dark pinks, lavender, silver and touches of purple and turquoise! The colors looked great together! The design for the invitation was the thought of having something princess-y and royal looking. I wanted "boughs" that resembled Cinderella's dress and twinkling little stars and a silhouette of a princess, well it just so happened that I took a few pictures of Lauren dressed up as Snow White and sent them over to Kori and this is how the silhouette for the invitation turned out!

                                               The picture I sent to have made in the silhouette
                                                                   The Invitation
Did she not do an AMAZING job?!??! I absolutely LOVED how this invitation design turned out! Kori captured exactly what I had envisioned and wanted!! Wait to you see the printables that go with this invitation! :)

Okay, how about I let you look at all the pretty pictures and then give you all the details afterwards! :)
                                           This sign was hung on the royal gate entrance! 

I had Kristy from the purple pug make me these AMAZING banners to hang over this mirror frame seen  from {Celebrations at Home} and Chris was so sweet to tell me where I could find this frame} the banners that hung above the mirror frame said " Who's the fairest of all" THEY WERE AWESOME AND so sparkly! Fitting for a princess for sure!
How is this of my little cutie pie?! 
                                                          The Royal Dressing table

This tent/Princess Dressing area came as an inspiration after I saw Bird's Party {Green} party debut and I knew right then when I saw her tent, I needed to have one similar for the princesses and knights to dress up in their royal accessories! It was just perfect!

  This beautiful sign was made by Wendy from Green Beansie Cards and she was just wonderful to work with! She created this backdrop to give the tent more of a royal feel to it! The sign turned out just beautiful!!

 You see that sweet little sketch?? Michele from Intrigue Design Studio made this sketch of Lauren resembling Snow White to decorate our tables with! Scroll down and you will see the 2nd sketch she made!

Amazing fondant toppers by Brittany from Editable Details! They were beautiful and just perfect!

Oops! I didn't see that when I took the picture! You get the idea! :)

The beautiful royal princess cake! 

These silver stars were made by the fabulous Brittany from Editable Details! They were amazing and sparkled! 

Here is the 2nd sketch that Michele from Intrigue Design Studio made of Lauren resembling Rapunzel of course! How cute is this?! 

                 Royal Chocolate covered oreos made by the awesome Kim from Sweetie's by Kim!
 Renee from Bee's Knees Creative made these adorable cake pops! They had the twinkling little stars  like you see in Cinderella! So adorable! { didn't want to take off the wrapper because it was so hot and they would have melted} 

I LOVED how these rock candies looked in this silver jewelry box

  How beautiful are these fondant toppers?! Brittany from Editable Details made these amazing toppers that dressed up our desserts and made them look very royal and princess-like and the best part of all the toppers she made, they sparkled and shimmered! LOVED IT!

 How beautiful and amazing do these cookies look?? The Cookie Jar made these cookies that were just perfect! I have worked with Lisa and Ira now for over a year and they are truly amazing and wonderful to work with! They always amaze when I get my cookies from them! They add so much magic to the dessert table and their cookies are so delicious! When I got my order from Lisa and Ira, they made these beyond gorgeous that I didn't want to put them out! *L* They were way too beautiful to be eaten! They were only to be viewed and not touched! Thank you sweet Lisa and Ira!! :)

This flower/jewel chandelier was my back up plan and made the night before the party! I had ordered something else but it didn't make it in time so I had to come with something else that looked princess-y and I think this turned out super cute and very fitting!


Look at the shimmer and sparkle that The Cookie Jar added to the cookies?!

Playing with this canopy that we set up also
                    Showing her cupcake with her sparkly fondant crown that Editable Details made!

 Unfortunately it was so hot to wear the tiara that Nicole from Tradewind Tiara's, Inc. made for her! Isn't just beautiful! She did an amazing job on this tiara! The sweet top was made from the incredible Melissa from Oh Fiddlesticks! She had Lauren's silhouette printed on the top so she could have a reminder of her royal princess party! It's such an adorable top!
Here is the back of it! LOVE IT!

 So here are the details to this Royal Princess Affair!

We did the party towards the late afternoon hoping it wouldn't be too hot but what do you know! It was a very hot day of course! The food was mostly royal treats and sweets but we also had sandwiches and dips. We had brownie bites, cake pops, cupcakes, chocolate covered oreos, marshmallow pops, cookies, royal candy and cake! Like I said we decided to serve up lots of royal sweet treats to all the princesses and knights that attended our royal party! To dress up some of the sweet desserts I had my sweet friend Brittany from Editable Details whip up some magical fondant toppers and they couldn't have turned out more perfect! She created the most amazing designs for us to use on the brownie bites, cupcakes and on the cake itself! Everything turned out beautiful and very princess looking! What she made was definitely fit for a princes! :)

The cake was inspired by from Frog Prince Paperie, when I saw it I loved it but knew I needed to change it up and make it our own and added some twinkling stars and pixie stars to give it that magical feel!

The Decor for the party was of course very sparkly and very princess-y! I luckily had bought these two princess dresses for my girls and they were just so fitting to be used as part of the decor! I wanted to use silver and sparkle as much as I could to give it that magical feel. I bought silver jewelry boxes to use for the candy and the oreos and also happened to find a silver tier tower at Marshall's! I used alot of shimmery and sparkly tulle bought at Joann's for the tent and also bought a valance panel from Amazon and tulle curtains from Pottery Barn kids for the sides of the tent. The flower chandeliers that I made, all materials were bought at Hobby Lobby { mostly in the wedding aisle} believe it or not. The frames used in the tables came from Home Goods. The Crown mirror in the dressing area, came from Amazon. I also had a canopy that the kids could play in and bought some cute pillows in Marshall's for them to sit on.

When the princesses and knights arrived they had a dressing table awaiting them with lots of accessories to match their princess dressing such as royal rings, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras with fur and sparkle and  sparkly star wands! The knights received their dressing that included a tabard and shield and a cute little activity that consisted of creating their own sword! Those were part of the favors and as each little princess left, they each received a silver and rhinestoned tiara and a beaded bracelet with a delicate crown hanging off it and with rhinestones. All the kids loved their prizes and dress up gear! They had such a great time pretending!

This party turned out to be a magical and such a royal event! Princess Lauren certainly had a party to remember and loved all the details and of course loved being a very special princess for a day! We will never forget this royal affair!

Amy Craft of Amy Craft photography was enlisted again to capture and take the amazing images that you see and to really give us a keepsake of what a great time we had! Thanks so much Amy! The pictures turned out beautiful!

I wanted to thank again all the wonderful vendors who helped me again create and make this party turn out as beautiful!! Each of you made this party sparkle and shine with all or your wonderful creations and I can't thank you enough for all of your tremendous help and designs! Each of your creations brought lots of Magic to this Royal party!

I also wanted to give my sweet friends Kate of Kate Landers LLC, and Kori from Paper & Pigtails a BIG thank you for helping me with some of the amazing ideas and for giving me sound advice with some of the design ideas and party favor ideas! I appreciate all your help more than you can imagine! Thank you again for helping me when I would get party design block! You always come through and give me such sweet and helpful advice! Kori, thank you for all the design ideas and for helping me with ideas when I would get stuck! You are a BIG sweetheart!

Vendor Cedits:
Invitation and Printables: Paper & Pigtails
princess top on Lauren: Oh Fiddle sticks
Table runners: Sweet Tea and Linen
Cake and cupcakes: Cupcake Couture
Cookies: The Cookie Jar
Fondant cupcake and donut toppers: Editable Details
Lauren backdrop sign: Green Beansie Cards
Chocolate covered oreos: Sweetie's by Kim
Princess and Knight dressing signs: Frog Prince Paperie
Sketches of Lauren: Intrigue Design Studio
Marshmallow Pops: Fanciful Events
Styling and flower and crystal chandeliers: Fanciful Events

Thank you again to everyone!
Have a happy Royal planning in your next event!


Nicole @ Tradewind Tiaras said...

Absolutely magical! What a fabulous party for your little princess.

Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

It's just gorgeous. You did a wonderful job with the setup! Love it!

mindy starr cone said...

where did you get that silver frame from?!
I LOVE it!!
cute party! love a good princess party! :)

Bird said...

You work is truly inspiring my friend!! If my little girl had seen this, she wouldn't have agreed to a Circus party! ;D


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Lissa (Bellenza) said...

What a darling party! Such a great idea to have those princess gowns and knight's armor as part of the decor. :-)

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Party Princess said...

Wow this is so beautiful :). This is the best creative work i have seen till now for princess party theme.. Great work dear..

love notes said...

This is so beautiful! The theme makes me want to go back being a kid. Haha. I followed you, by the way.

The Adventures of Princess Zaria said...

This party looks awesome. I found some great ideas for my princess parties.Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Did you make or buy the crown that you used for the marshmallow pops?

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